Handcrafted Kudu Horn Table Sculpture – Unique Exotic Design with LED Lighting

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Article number: Kuduhorn Tischskulptur W5
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Impressive table sculpture made from two genuine African kudu horns - a truly unique piece that impresses with its natural twists. The completely natural horns twisted into each other form a fascinating unit that represents harmony and something wildly rustic.

Mounted on a solid old wood beam (6 cm thick), which has been flamed at up to 1000 degrees and then freed from the thick layer of ash to emphasize the natural wood grain. This breathtaking sculpture is already an eye-catcher in the light, but is all the more fascinating in the dark.The kudu horns are illuminated from below with a high-quality LED strip that can be conveniently switched on and off, dimmed and illuminated in a variety of colors using a remote control (included) or an app.

Also works perfectly for the US power grid.

Discover this unique table sculpture lamp and many other fascinating pieces of furniture in our store in Munich. We warmly welcome you - simply contact us by phone, whatapp or email to make an appointment.

This lamp is a table sculpture that can also be used as a wall lamp, both vertically and horizontally.

Dimensions:                                                                                                                                   Hight: 37 cm
Length: 100 cm
Depth: 24 cm                                                                                                                                 Weight: 9,7kg

Experience the fascination of real African kudu horns in your home with this extraordinary table sculpture
I have posted a real one of this beautiful table sculpture on Instagram or Facebook. Feel free to follow me at:https://www.instagram.com/zebrazebra.interior/


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