Can I buy a coat from you with a clear conscience? Yes, you can! All our furs come from private farms. There, the animals live free and species-appropriate in herds on large farms. In southern Africa, every wild animal competes with a farm animal. In the past, most farmers shot all the wild animals on their farm so that their cattle would find more to eat. Fortunately, times have changed. Today, tourism has become a very big source of income. There are more and more farmers who have abandoned cattle farming in part or completely and have discovered tourism, but tourists don't want to see cattle, they want to see wild animals in their natural environment. Sure, the farms are fenced in, but the area of a farm in southern Africa is much larger than in Europe. This is inevitable, as the land is much more barren and can support fewer animals per hectare. Of course, this also means that animals have to be taken depending on the size of the game population. In Africa, an animal is not only hunted for its fur, this is rather a by-product. The tourist farms use the meat to supply restaurants, their own kitchens and employees. The fur is given and sold for tanning and is another source of income for the farmer. In this way, the population of animals that normally only live in reserves is secured and expanded on private land. This is a great advantage in terms of nature conservation. In addition, local jobs are created and maintained. All our skins have been legally imported to Germany and have the necessary documents.