Zebra fur RED LOUNGE M332

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Article number: M332

Finally available again

We at Zebra-Zebra are always looking for something special. A zebra skin that is red is certainly one of them.

We find this red colored zebra fur extremely successful. It is a real design piece which works immensely. The colors are of course much better in nature. Perfect on a dark floor or also suitable as a wall hanging. The zebra fur has a rich red tone and does not go at all into the pink, difficult to represent photographically. The sheen of this zebra coat is impressive.
The ears are sewn to the head and the head piece is completely intact. This is steppe zebra or burchell zebra. Since this is a wild animal, minor scratches and scars are natural and desirable. These occur in a wild animal when fighting among conspecifics or other wild animals.


Length from head to tail 278cm / width from foreleg to foreleg 233cm / width, body center 151cm

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