Springbok stool RED CUBE

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Article number: MO045

Our RED Cube stool is the eye-catcher in any room. Made of soft red dyed springbok fur. We used 4 springbok skins for this stool. The design is especially effective because of the arrangement of the springbok skins. You can use the stool as a sitting stool or as a side table.

Made here in Germany by master craftsmen.

You will love this stool!

Each piece of furniture is unique. Due to the natural product, the product may differ from the picture. The pictures are to be understood as example pictures.

The red of the skins is much more beautiful in person.

Dimensions: 46 cm × 46 cm × 50 cm

We have matching single skins for this stool - as a small rug as well as cushions.

Also available in natural and grey.

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