Antiker Schrank mind. 100 Jahre alt Flamed Wood

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Antique cabinet extensively renovated.

This cabinet, which is at least 100 years old, was restored in many hours of work. The cabinet door has been processed using a special Japanese method.
With this ancient technique, the wood is charred at up to 1000 degrees on the surface and immediately cooled down again.
The burnt wood is then painstakingly freed from the coal and cleaned many times.
This creates a beautiful play of colors and a pleasant feel. This emphasizes the grain even more. The body, which is painted in an extra matt black chalk paint, harmoniously enhances the naturalness of the wood. A feel-good combination that is extremely elegant and at the same time very homely. You will love this piece of furniture. this cabinet is also beautiful when opened. The entire inside was also painted black. The three solid shelves were processed using the same technique, so this cupboard shines even when you open it!

Dimensions Width 102cm Depth 53cm Height 188cm
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