Africa zebra picture made from real zebra skin

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Article number: B004
Wall sculpture of the African continent.

The pieces of real zebra skins are intended to represent the versatility and diversity of Africa. Each individual piece of fur is different in coloring and linework, just as the borders of the continent were randomly drawn and connections were cut and then artificially joined together. This is to represent this beautiful wall sculpture.

The pieces of zebra skin were elaborately cut out, sewn together and mounted on a 4 cm thick solid wooden panel.

unique piece!

You can get lost in the different stripes and directions. Simply fascinating how diverse nature is.

Please note that this wall sculpture is large. 105cm x 80cm !

There are two indentations on the back for hanging.

The zebra skin pieces are made from real zebra skin from plains zebras. This stock is secured and can be traded freely.

All of our animal products come from private farms. We respect and support sustainability, nature conservation and all legal requirements. The whole animal is used, the fur is a by-product.

Enrich your home with something extraordinary!

In the last picture you can see the shop window of our store in Munich. In this offer the zebra picture Africa is sold. everything else is decoration and not part of the offer.
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