Zebra picture made from real zebra skin

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Article number: B002

The natural pattern of a zebra hide is so unique and beautiful that it is worthy of being captured in a picture. In combination with the African continent, it could certainly be considered art. The continent was cut out of a massive wooden panel, and the surface was heavily burnt and preserved with epoxy resin, resulting in a beautiful texture resembling crocodile skin. The surface was then painted in colors that match the zebra hide.

This picture is sold. We can make a new painting for you, also in your desired size. Please contact me.

But that's not all – the wooden continent is placed about 5cm away from the hide to create a more three-dimensional effect. It is also backlit, illuminating the image at night and highlighting the zebra hide. The LED light is battery-powered and requires minimal energy, so no electrical outlet is needed. It can be turned on and off using a remote control, which also allows for various colors and dimming options. The batteries are easy to replace, and there are fixtures on the back for hanging.

Only the best piece of zebra hide was used for this picture. It is unique, precious, and elegant at the same time. Add some extraordinary decor to your home with this exclusive wall art!

Dimensions: 91 cm × 80 cm × 10 cm

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