Wooden Giraffe from Africa 100cm

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The original from Africa!

Elaborately handcrafted giraffe made of African hardwood.

The pattern is burnt in.

The giraffe stands firmly on a wide wooden base that is 17cm x 17cm wide.

We ship securely in long boxes.


The giraffes all look similar. Wood pattern and colouring may vary slightly.

The giraffe is approx. 100cm long.

Shipping costs 10.-EUR within Germany.

Have you ever been on a visit to southern Africa and flirted with a wooden giraffe?

The problem was surely the transport by plane. The wooden giraffes usually never survive such a transport undamaged. In addition, the quality is often not the best at street sales, which is often only discovered at home. And sometimes larvae hatch out of the wood!

Another problem is the insecure standing of the giraffes, as the underside is usually never level.

From many years of experience, we at Zebra-Zebra know what is important.

-High quality, best materials-Hardwood

-Safe stand due to own base

-Safe transport by DHL to your home or free collection in Munich

-Fair working conditions and thus strengthening of the local labour market

The last picture shows a living situation. In this offer a 100cm giraffe is offered, the other giraffes are deco and not part of this offer.

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