Schwarzer Oryx Geflammtes Holz XXL

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Article number: W017

Our most beautiful piece from the category Horns and Trophies.
This oryx looks very noble and majestic by its size alone.
We have painted the oryx in an extremely matt black colour, which creates a beautiful contrast against the shiny background plate. The background plate is a 4cm solid oak plate which was burnt in an old Japanese technique at up to 1000 degrees. The charcoal has been preserved so that there is no smell and no black fingers when touching it. The special thing about the background plate is the reflection of the light. Just a little light is enough for the real oak plate to react and set itself in "scene", simply beautiful. This is difficult to show in the photos. We have enhanced and emphasised the facets of the antelope with Inca gold paint. A special piece for your home. An impressive wall sculpture.
A perfect combination that harmonises.
Ideal also with lighting or lots of natural light, so that colour reflexes come out beautifully.
An absolutely unique piece by Zebra-Zebra.

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