Kudu horn with special stand

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Article number: Kuduhorn mit Ständer Black Lounge S
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A very beautiful decoration. This kudu horns is partially ground, polished and varnished glossy black. The beautiful thing about this horn is that you can still see very nice the structure of the horns. In the fully polished horns, this structure is completely absent.

In this version, the stand is just as special as the horn!

The top plate of the stand is made of wood and was flamed.

In this ancient technique, the wood is strongly charred at up to 1000 degrees on the surface and immediately cooled down again. This creates the typical "crocodile skin" of the wood.

Then the wood must be specially preserved so that the ash solidifies. No smell or black hands are the result. The bottom is milled to fit the metal stand.

The special feature of this stand is the reflection of light. It is enough even a little light so that the it reacts and sets itself in scene.

This product is our tip. The black color gives the horn a hockglanzoptik. This looks tremendously interesting and attractive. Even more beautiful details of the horn are emphasized. This horn has a nice shading effect when illuminated appropriately.


Kudus are an African antelope species that are under no restrictions. The population is secure.

The horn is securely mounted on a wide metal stand. It is rotatable and removable.

The horns with stand are between 90-100cm high. The metal stand is 18cm x 18cm in size

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