Zebra skin Namib XXL The most beautiful plains zebra skin M362

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Article number: M362

The most beautiful savannah zebra hide of them all! Impressively large with a very intense pattern, one can always discover new details and variations in the pattern. The deep black stripes create a great contrast. This zebra hide has a fantastic shine, a sign of the highest quality! You may be able to see how beautiful the light reflections are in Photo No. 2. In reality, it is even more beautiful. A perfect decoration for any home!

This is a savannah zebra or Burchell's zebra. As it is a wild animal, smaller scratches and scars are quite natural and desirable. These can occur when a wild animal fights with its own species or other wild animals.

Length from head to tail is 296cm / Width from front leg to front leg is 226cm / Width at the body's center is 166cm. The actual size of a zebra hide is defined by the last measurement!

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